Waterproof Material

Waterproof Materials are the water-repellant coatings, included withpolysulphide modified epoxy coating. These arewidely used for the areas that come in high contact with water. The said materials provide excellent adhesion to concrete as well as steel surfaces. Waterproof Materials make a flexible as well as UV resistant film and thus can be applied on all sides of tanks, water treatment plants pipelines, penstocks and sewage.They can be also applied on terraces as well as parapet walls where waterproofing is must. These are also useful for filling the joints due to their capacity to make a hard as well as tough film.

Water Repellent Coatings

  • Supply Ability:6000 Per Month

Elastomeric Coating

  • Supply Ability:6000 Per Month

Waterproof Coatings

  • Supply Ability:6000 Per Month

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