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Fireproof & Flameproof Coating
Fireproof & Flameproof Materials are the coatings, made to retard theflame. Their application bring the effect of insulation coating. The unique coating provided by these provide a matte finish and thus are used for exhaust systems, jet enginesand aerospace industry.
Heat Resistant Paint
The Heat Resistant Paints are made for their effective coatingand can deal with the specific temperature range. The paints are used to coat Vehicle Silencers, Chimneys, Exhaust Chambers, and Pipelines, etc. 
Energy Saving Conduction, Convection & Radiation
Energy Saving Conduction, Convection & Radiation coatings are the paints, which serve as the outstanding waterproofing solutions. These are apt to be applied on the roof and terrace.
Heat Reflective Paint
Offered high-quality Heat Reflective Paints are the coatings,made to reflect the sunlight. These can absorb less heat and thus are apt to be applied on the darker roofs. 
Corrosion Resistant Coatings
Corrosion resistant coatings we deal in are made to protect the metal components. These can evade the degradation caused bysalt spray, oxidationand moisture. The coatings are made toresist the harsh effect of several industrial chemicals. 
Anti IR Paint
Offered Anti IR Paints are made for the absolute protection of buildings. These are applicable for satellites and UAVs, thermal targeting systems, surveillance systems and many others. These special types of paints are included with ceramic microspheres.
LPG Bullets Coating
The LPG Bullets Coatings are the industrialgradepaints, used for the external coating of LPG Bullets and buried fuel tanks. These are made to resist the damage during their installation, handlingand storage. The paints are made topreservethe constant electrical resistivity. 
Waterproof Material
Waterproof Materials we deal in are made to create an effective barricade between wallsand moisture. Offered are the waterproof coatings that can be applied on the basement walls as well as floors.
Road and Floor Marking Paint
Road and Floor Marking Paints are used to make the mark on highways and roads for the convenience of passengers. The paints are durable enough to stay intact on the roads for longer period of time and can resist the vehicle traffic and UV rays. 
Paint and Allied Products
Offered high-quality Paint and Allied Products are demanded for chemical industry. These can be used as the effective and safe to use water proof coating that can also fill the cracks.

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